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Residential telephone and data can and should begin at the planning stage of your new development, utilizing designs that include in-ground conduit for current and future communications cables. Most modern homes implement the use of a Media Panel location within the dwelling to be used to terminate communications cables. We recommend placement of your telephone and data equipment and conduit(s) near this location.

Points to consider during planning:
- Adding a conduit between the external communications boxes and the media panel can be done easily, until the foundation is in
- Adding a TV location above a fireplace can be done easily as long as the walls are not insulated and covered with drywall
- Most designs incorporate at least one data or telephone terminated Cat 5 in each bedroom, with an optional coaxial for older TV signals
- Some space around the media panel location should be provisioned, for network gear or devices (if you plan to run a home media network, for example), as many of these devices are not being made to fit in the actual media panel.

Our data and telephone team should be involved in your project during the following stages, to provide an optimal outcome:


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