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Energy without limitations

In partnership with our solar division, Alternative Power Systems of Canada, we've been helping people obtain energy independence in various structures for years. We even have a specialized division within APS just for dealing with the needs of our clients in remote or truly off-grid lcoations. We can help with planning, arrangement, configuration, installation, and maintenance of your off-grid cabin allowing you the peace of mind to enjoy the scenery.

Off-Grid Solar Arrays
With a focus on panel efficiency to maximize roof space, even a large off-grid cabin can be fully self sustaining in the average of all weather conditions. We regularly install 275w and 300w panels and are very comfortable designing systems to suit your specific location and consumption needs.

Auto-Generator Start Modules
Being able to start and monitor your generator from the comfort of your cabin is an absolute must for anyone with an off-grid cabin. The unfortunate reality of having to use a fuel source to supplement a healthy ratio of solar energy doesn't have to be filled with mess and hassle. 

Off-Grid Generators
Most large systems require short top-ups from a generator in order to maintain battery voltage and ensure maximum battery lifetime. Implementing a small off-grid generator will save you in the long run, and help to avoid the issues from stretches of cold nights or grey days greater than the output of your solar array.

Battery Banks
Solar energy tends to fluctuate in intensity throughout a given day or week, and often doesn't match up with the requirements of your energy use. The most efficient way to store energy from your off-grid solar array is with the use of a battery bank. Made from one of many types of commercially available batteries, our banks can be configured to suit individual needs. Ranging from 10kwh to upwards of 100kwh of storage means you never have to worry about running out of time.

Inverters & Charge Controllers
Choosing the right equipment is paramount to a successful off-grid cabin. Matching the system capability with your needs, the charge controller is responsible for converting all of the energy from multiple sources into a steady and reliable charge current for your batteries or other equipment.

Remote System Monitoring
Many off-grid solar cabins are equipped with remote monitoring tools in order to keep track of your system's stability and operational status from anywhere you have an internet connection. We highly recommend use of a communications module in order to remotely diagnose issues or troubleshoot problems during the time you're away.

For more information, please visit our off-grid division's website.

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