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Together with the Sunshine Coast Credit Union, we're giving back to our community with the Eco Home Loan program. All solar systems qualify, and systems over 6kW will qualify for a 10% discount (verified SCCU members). This is the opportunity you've been waiting for to embrace a greener more sustainable future. Not only are solar panels more efficient than ever, but the cost of electricity is also at an all time high. The crossroads of sustainable energy is here, and many Canadians are making the choice to embrace energy independence with good reasons:

Together with our solar and energy division (Alternative Power Systems of Canada), we install a myriad of brands and varieties of equipment including Canadian Solar PV panels, Enphase inverters, and top of the line interconnection and safety equipment. We've been successfully installing solar all across the Sunshine Coast and BC for years, and a promotion like this will help to ensure we continue the path towards our shared energy goals.

With climate change on the rise and people embracing greener technologies, solar is one that pairs remarkably well with other alternative energy options. Specifically electric vehicles have a robust synergy with solar energy production. To highlight the pair of options, SCCU members who qualify, but would like to opt out of the discounted solar installation can instead obtain a free EV charger, complete with install (at a value of $1,500), in order to guarantee your ecological footprint in terms of transportation is kept breathtakingly low. 

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