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Expanding your office? We're commercial data & networking experts. 


If you are looking to expand your current office or renovating, Westcoast Phoneman can help! We're residential and commercial data and telephone experts. Our team of talented professionals can install new data and networking, re-reoute existing phones and phone lines, or even install commercial telephone systems to keep your space as productive as possible. We've been successfully helping our clients for the past 10 years to solve IT issues, eliminate data problems, and speed up networks. 

Our services include:


Home or home office renovation tips

Every office space needs a network closet. Provisioning ample space for your networking and telephony equipment will be extremely beneficial to your current and future data and telephone needs. A good network closet should have the following:

The ideal space for your network cabinet should be close to existing telephone equipment and internet equipment, accessible at all times, and at chest or eye level for easy manipulation or troubleshooting of equipment. 

During your renovation, it is recommended to allow for two data drops (Cat 5 or greater) for each 8 feet of wall space, usually terminating one for data (internet) and the other for telephone stations.

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